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Contacts Application

Synrc Contacts Application for Vista is about organizing, import/export, syncing your Address Books with Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, NOKIA Phones, Windows Contacts local folder, LDAP Directory, Yahoo! Contacts and Windows Live Contacts. Synrc Contacts is a "buddhist view" zen Application for Vista and Windows 7. Its simplified one-button design makes your life easy in terms of managing personal contact information.

Here is Vista and XP modes of Application:

  • Puritan and Minimalistic interface
  • Symmetric synchronization (no master and slave)
  • Original Sync Replication Protocol
  • No data loss, duplicating or inconsistance
  • Designed for Multicore CPUs
  • Open architecture
  • No passwords stored
  • Instant full cross-field search
  • Intergration into Windows Sync Center

For more information see Synrc Contacts Product Guide

Your contacts from around mobile phones, mail programs, social services are managed without warry of any data loss, contacts duplicating or data inconsistance. Actually one button functionality is not true. You can see all adress book in simple instant messanger style window. One-line zen search query momentally do cross text search to all fields of contact: mobile phones, e-mail adresses, names and others.

Command Line Options

xp — run in XP plain style
none — run with no default provider. Let me choose
gmail — run with Google Contacts default provider
outlook — run with Microsoft Outlook default provider
live — run with Windows Live default provider
windows — run with Windows Contacts default provider (applied by default)

  • Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP1), Windows 7
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1


Synrc Sync Engine [1], Synrc Sync Replication Protocol [2],
Synrc Sync Source Interface [3] and Synrc Sync Merge [4,5] Core Library.

[1] Synrc Sync Multithreaded Architecture

[2] Synrc Sync Replication Protocol

[3] Synrc Sync Source Interface

[4] Synrc Sync Name Resolving

[5] Synrc Sync Contact Conflicts Resolving

  • Windows Contacts Sync Source Provider (base)
  • Outlook Sync Source Provider
  • Google Sync Source Provider
  • NOKIA Sync Source Provider
  • Windows Live Sync Source Provider
  • Yahoo! Sync Source Provider
  • LDAP Sync Source Provider

Used Libraries:

[1] Contact.NET
Licenced under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

[2] Redemption
This product may not be distributed by Synrc or Codeplex to you.
Your need to download it from author's site. This DLL
is hosted in Codeplex SVN repository for backup purposes.

[3] NOKIA PC Connectivity API

[4] Live Framework SDK

[5] Yahoo!

[6] Facebook and Bluetooth OBEX Push Profile vCARD Transfer

Sync Center

Windows Sync Center Handlers. Managed COM objects for native intergation
with Windows 7 Sync Center.

Was used Creating a Custom Synchronization Manager Handler
Example [1] for Vista Sync Center [2]. Implemented legacy
ISyncMgrSynchronize Interface [3] that works booth with Windows XP and Vista.

Note: Vista ISyncMgrHandler Interface [4] are not in working state.
Futher work for that option is needed.


[1] Creating a Custom Synchronization Manager Handler

[2] Sync Center

[3] ISyncMgrSynchronize Interface

[4] ISyncMgrHandler Interface

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