Windows Live Contacts - Windows Mobile

Dec 3, 2009 at 11:08 PM

I just upgraded my phone to the latest version of Windows Mobile 6.1. As usual I lost a bunch of functionality. All my contacts were gone.

Somewhere along the line I had installed some version of Windows Live onto my Windows Mobile. It synchronized all my Live Contacts. I had to go into my Contacts > Menu > Add to Live Contacts for each contact. In the new version of Windows Mobile this feature is gone. I have installed some software claiming to be Windows Live for Mobile but the feature still does not appear.

I much prefer something like Synrc Contacts which synchronizes all the places Windows finds to store contact info but still talks to more integrated solutions like Google Contacts. It is strange and meaningfull to me that it is easier to synch my Windows Mobile Contacts with my Windows Live Contacts by going through Google.

The problem I am having is that in Synrc Windows Live Contacts dialog it asks me for my Windows Live login but does not save it. It does not appear to be synching but does not return any error. The other synchs I have performed have worked well.

Dec 4, 2009 at 1:18 AM

Thanks. Your comments on the problem of non-trivial syncing of Windows, Live and Mobile contacts are clean and reasonable.

It is really strange not to have a way to sync just purchased Windows Mobile phone with just installed Windows. Instead plug and sync you need to install Outlook and manage sync process through it. Some information are being lost during such three-parties sync. This dream can only be true with implementing ActiveSync server on host desktop with resolved legal issues about licence.

The solution provided by Microsoft is to sync Windows Mobile Contacts with Windows desktop contacts through Windows Live and Windows Live Contacts applications in Windows Mail essential. This way seems acceptable in respect to you negative feedback about this process, which I shared with you. The alternative way to this process can be imaged as custom Windows Mobile application that do sync with Windows Live contacts directly and itself or even with Windows desktop contacts through own open protocol. That solution resolves problem described in first paragraph.

The Synrc Sync Contacts concept includes Windows Desktop Application along with other set of application such as for Apple Mac OS X, Windows Mobile phones, iPhone. Up for now Synrc Sync Contacts Application only do client sync with remote sources, the application itself does not participate as server in syncing process (e.g. in Windows Mobile <-> Synrc Sync Application syncing process). But I hope just this small functionality presented clearly and simple.

Answering on last comment I must admit that old log-on process to Windows Live Azure Services through Windows Live Framework seems broken. It is implemented using CTP preview account. The code needs to be updated will be provided in next iteration snapshot. You can include your tasks for that release directly to me here on in private conversation.